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Thai food is becoming increasingly popular amongst lovers of fine, international cuisine because of its distinctive and unique traditional flavours. All Eastern cultures have played a role in the development of this very special Asian cuisine.

Traditional food in Thailand is prepared in many ways, some very hot and spicy, some mild and fragrant but all retaining the unique characteristics of this original country. The cooking can be varied to suit your personal taste and preferences. A well balanced meal for one person mostly consists of a soup,and a main course (seafood, poultry or meat) accompanied by rice or noodles. To get the best out of your Thai meal, couples, families and groups may also share a variety of starters, salads, main courses, and vegetable dishes, rounded off at the end with a sweet dishes or seasonal Thai fruits.

The traditional way to eat Thai food is with a spoon and fork from a flat plate. The plate is filled with rice and individual small helping of each main course dish are taken in turn. The THAIS prefer not to mix their food in order to keep the subtleties of each dish's taste and flavour. Besides being distinctive and unique in its flavours Thai food is also light and nutritious, complementing a healthy diet.

We have attempted to present a balanced representation of authentic Thai dishes. We hope that you will enjoy the experience of Thai eating. ��

No service charge will be included in the bill. However we suggest that you may leave a gratuity for the benefit of the staff who have contributed to the enjoyment of your meal

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